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The Zombie Tank are demonic versions of German Panzer III tanks.



The Zombie Tank is a Panzer III tank filled with blood, guts and organs with most of it spewing out of cracks, hatches and visors. It has a long barrel and four MG42s attached too four glowing orbs. It's turret has been raised by stretched flesh and carries two beating heart within it's hull.

The tanks appear to be produced in Hitler's fortress in Hell.


  • Both hearts needs to be destroyed to take it down, one on each side, unlike the truck wich only needs one to be destroyed(Possibly depends on difficulty?).
  • Shoot at the side armour with heavy weapons or with explosive rounds until you can see the hearts.
  • Keep your distance and always be next to cover as the tank's MG42s and gun can deal devastating amounts of damage.
  • The MG42s can be disabled, but this can be usually skipped since they're mostly a nuisance.
  • If you take out Mg's you can safetly go right next to it, since the head of the tank don't turn fast enought to keep up with you when you circle it, and it won't shoot when you right on its side.
  • The cannon shoots(skulls) can be shot down mid air.
  • In co-op the explosion when the tank is destroyed will INSTA KILL YOU, you won't raise as zombie neither.