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Dr. Hermann Wolff was the main antagonist of Sniper Elite V2. A German scientist during the Second World War. He was a member of Hans von Eisenberg's team, a chemical weapons specialist. He had planned to send a V-2 rocket loaded with the lethal nerve agent Tabun from a makeshift launch site in the Berlinese suburb of Köpenick, aiming at London, with the aid of the Soviet Union, planning to blame Germany. However, the plan was foiled by Karl Fairburne, and the lethal Tabun nerve agent payload destroyed. Wolff, still a prominent HVT with deep knowledge of the German rocket and chemical weapons programmes, was hurriedly evacuated to the Tiergarten airstrip by the Red Army. He was killed during the transit by Fairburne while driving away in his Kubelwagen, who shot him from the top of the Brandenburg Tower.


  • He was the final target to be killed by Karl Fairburne in Sniper Elite V2.
  • He seemed to be friends with Böhm, Kessler and the some scientists of the Deathstorm program, as some letters sent to them from him can be found in Sniper Elite 4.