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The Welrod is a silenced, bolt action British pistol featured in the Sniper Elite series. It is available by default at the beginning of the game. The weapon is designed for close range combat. Because it is silenced, it will not alert enemies as easily as all the other weapons in the game. However, it is very weak, has a low rate of fire, and is extremely inaccurate, so it is not recommended for use against attacking enemies. This pistol always starts off with the maximum ammunition at 6/16.

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

"A silenced British pistol. Not much use in a fire fight, but perfect for picking of targets without being detected."
— in-game description


  • It is the only silenced weapon in the Sniper Elite V2.
  • In multiplayer, the Welrod has much tighter optics, giving it better range. It is unknown why this is, although it could be due to balancing issues, to make the weapon more effective in combat.