The Mrk. Vl as it appears in-game.


The Webley Mark 6 is a British service revolver developed in the World War 2 era. Originally chambered in the large .455 Webley round, this gun was meant to be a reliable sidearm for British soldiers to use. After the First World War, however, it was changed to take .38 S&W cartridges, as they equaled the power of the .455 while being smaller at the same time.

In Sniper Elite V2 Edit

The Mk. 6 appears exclusively in The Neudorf Outpost Pack of Sniper Elite V2. It is a top-break revolver and holds 6 rounds, with a max of 16 in reserve at a time. The fire rate is slower than all of the other pistols in the player's arsenal, but it makes up for it with good accuracy and extreme power. It is not likely an enemy will survive one shot from the Webley at close range. However, it's not reliable when dealing with multiple enemies at point blank range, as missing will leave you vulnerable to attack.


  • This is the only revolver in Sniper Elite V2
  • Contrary to what the game may lead one to think, Webley's are not known to deal a lot of damage to a target.