Sniper Elite Wiki

Valkyries are also known as Schutzstaffel-Fallschirmjäger or Fallschirmjäger unit.

Most of them wear the same uniforms as the Fallschirmjäger unit, but all black. Most of them have the support uniform on, while the sniper wears different with no camouflage, and the officer one wear the infantry version all black.

The weapons they used is almost the same from the Heer, and the Jäger units does, but lots of German origin, including other weapons brought. Same as the rest of the units.

The units are almost identical as an elite unit. But since their uniforms are all black of the SS, their health are the same like the Jägers. Almost of all of them wear masks on because of their training, as units cannot be identified.

Valkyrie Jäger: They wore a support uniform but black of the SS, and their primary choice is the MKB-42(H) Assault Rifle, or the Karabiner 98k Bolt Action Rifle, or the Gewehr 43 Semi-Automatic Rifle, and the sidearms are only the Luger P08 pistols. They do wield MP40s only in survival mode. Their helmets are the M1942 Stahlhelm.

Valkyrie Support Jäger: Carried the FG-42 which is the same from the Support Jäger, but also wields the Luger P08, even some a Mauser M712 sidearms. Uniform is the same from the rest. The helmet is actually the Stahlhelm with the black pea dot camouflage helmet cover which is similar to the Wehrmacht version but all black and grey color look.

Valkyrie Faust Trooper: Their weapons of choice were only the MP40 Submachine Gun and two rocket launchers are the Panzerfaust 60 Single Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, and the Neunfaust R1 9 Shot Rocket Launcher. Uniform is the same like the other two Valkyrie troops.

Valkyrie Spotter: Carried MP40 SMGs(Sometimes with added scope for some reason) and held a Luger P08 pistols. They carried flares like the regular one does. Uniform is still the same from the other three.

Valkyrie Sniper: Valkyrie Snipers only used theSwedish Mauser Gevär M1941B Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles, and SVT-38 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles. The Swedish Mauser only had a camouflaged net around the whole rifle which is customized by the sniper. The uniform of the Valkyrie Sniper is this time, only the ones that the Jägers are using which is all black with the splittermuster camo all black and grey color added to it, while wearing only the face mask. Basically the weapons are possibly some got from their friends which the Swedish Mauser which came from Sweden, while the SVT-38 came from the Eastern Front captured which make sense that the Valkyrie Snipers captured them and use them for some confusion against their enemies. Would make sense to some of them name their new weapons, including keeping them as trophies because they can be a real marksman with their new rifles.

Valkyrie Officer: Valkyrie Officers does the same thing like the Wehrmacht and Kriegsmarine officers did. Their uniform is the same like the Valkyrie Sniper does with exception of the balaclava mask and only had a Officer visor cap. Their weapon of choice is the Luger P08 Pistol, Walther PPK Pistol, and Mauser M712 Machine Pistols. With the M712, they can be dangerous in close quarters which give him an advantage over other regular officers. They only appeared in the Campaign.