Sniper Elite Wiki

Hello all,

Two daysI started a replay of Sniper Elite 4 with the intention of finding all collectibles, shoot all the eagles but also contribute to the Sniper Elite 4 wiki while playing the game. Clicking through the wiki I noticed that it is missing a lot of indepth information, pictures and loose strings. To be honest that is very fortunate for me :D, because I like to fill up a lot of the blanks, realizing at the same time that a wiki is never really finished. 

I hope no one will object to my adding to the Sniper Elite 4 wiki and on the other hand I hope that my contributions are accurate and if they're not someone will step in and correct them or contact me. 

In this blog I will try and keep you all updated about my contributions and sometimes ask for your feedback or help. 

Please feel free to contact me about anything concerning the Sniper Elite 4 wiki and help me make this a more indepth reading experience for all of you Sniper Elite games players. 

IrmaJ (talk) 01:48, January 15, 2020 (UTC)