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The Survivor Brigade is an Anti-Nazi Zombie resistance group, during the apocalypse.

Their main objective was to discover the cause of the Zombie outbreak put an end to the Nazi Zombie Army, and kill the vanguard of the apocalypse, Adolf Hitler, and in the process save humanity.


The Survivor Brigade was formed in response to the Hitler activating the Sagarmatha Relic, which raised the dead. Surviving members of the Allies and the Axis forces came together, realizing that the zombies were a much greater threat. So they banded together in response to the undead menace that was plaguing Europe. Countries involved include; the United States, Germany, Soviet Union, France, and Britain.


The Survivor Brigade were well equipped, and had several strongholds and safe houses set up throughout Europe, even within the city of Berlin, they had a base of operations and hospital in their control, but because of the circumstances, the Hospital was overwhelmed, and therefore, fell into hands of the zombies.

They also presumably had an Airfield under their control as they had planes at their disposal.

They may have also had dock or harbor access, as they had boats at their disposal.


Unlike a more formal military organization, there was no standard uniform. Instead all members of the Survivor Brigade wore a yellow-orange colored arm band around their left upper arm, bearing the logo, which was a skull and crossbones with a bullet piercing the skull, and the initials "S.B"

Weapons and Equipment[]

There was no standardized weapon for the Survivor Brigade, and members appeared to simply use the weapons they were most comfortable with based on experience and training. They had several stockpiles of weapons and explosives in their safe houses.

Around their strongholds they employed the extensive use of electrified fences, explosives and heavy machine gun turrets to fend off the waves of undead.

They had access to nuclear weapons, as they used them to bomb Berlin in a last ditch effort to end the Nazi Zombie Army.


The Survivor Brigade was made up of both many different people, including civilians and military forces.


Field Operatives[]

Propaganda poster of the Survivor Brigade.

There are 8 known members of the Survivor Brigade. They are made up of several nationalities, backgrounds and skill sets: