Sniper Elite is a series of third-person tactical shooter video games based during WWII.

The series started with Sniper Elite in 2005. After a long wait, a sequel, Sniper Elite V2, was released in 2012. Another sequel, Sniper Elite III, was released in 2014.


The story revolves around an American sniper called Karl Fairburne. In each of the missions, Karl is dropped into a Wehrmacht controlled area and given several primary objectives and several secondary objectives to complete.


The game relies heavily on tactics and a sloppy approach is likely to result in death or missing an objective. Players are encouraged to use stealth and/or long range sniping techniques, best if covered up by sound-emitters like Generators, planes or other loud vehicles. The enemy in every mission are Wehrmacht soldiers.


The Sniper Elite series is available on a range of systems: