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Screamers or Blind Screamers are a very uncommon enemy in Zombie Army 4: Dear War.


Screamers are blind former soldiers with fingers and toes sprouting from their deformed bodies. They are unable to see but extremely dangerous. The Screamer shrieks when alerted, barrels towards its heard target and slashes them to death.


  • It is wise to crouch and ignore the Screamers as when alerted they fast and deal devastating amounts of damage.
  • If provoked their weak spot is the glowing bumps on their backs that have broken the Screamer's ribcage.
  • Not aggroed by divine grenade, even with direct hit.
  • Frag grenades can be used to lure them away, but if one is caught in scream stun they will target the player and not the place of explosion.
  • Some quiet weapons can be safely used around them, provided they are not used to harm screamer.
  • It is possible for other zombie to shoot the screamer which causes them to target the player.
  • Screamer can lose "sight" of the player if enough distance is made, followed up by crouching.


  • One Screamer in mission 4 has a dog tag with clearer writing that the others.