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The SVT-40 Soviet semi-automatic rifle appears in Sniper Elite V2's Assassinate the Führer (DLC), Sniper Elite III's Hunter Weapons Pack (DLC), and Zombie Army Trilogy.


Sniper Elite V2 and Zombie Army Trilogy[]

A popular semi-automatic rifle on the Eastern front, the Russian SVT40 boasts a 10-round clip and a high rate of fire. However, limited zoom and high recoil can limit its effectiveness at longer ranges.

Sniper-Elite III[]

Russian semi-automatic rifle with a 10-round clip and high rate of fire.


  • SVT-40 stands for Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva, obrazets 1940 goda, or "Tokarev's self-loading rifle, model of year 1940". Soldiers nicknamed it "Sveta", a short form of the female Slavic name "Svetlana".
  • The USSR planned for the SVT-40 to replace the Mosin-Nagant as its Red Army's standard rifle, until Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Russia in 1941 & the USSR lost hundreds of thousands of SVT-40s before restarting production of Mosin-Nagants.
  • Germany studied SVT-40s' gas-action technology during WWII & improved the Gewehr 43's design with it.
  • Whereas many Russian guns (such as the PPSh-41) were exported to Soviet allies & client-states during the 20th Century, the USSR sent very few SVT-40s since it adopted new rifles following WWII.

Further Reading[]

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