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The Red Army was the Army and Air Force of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.





Sniper Elite[]


Sniper Elite V2[]

The Red army returns as an enemy in Sniper Elite V2

During the Battle of Berlin, when they posed a threat to his mission. As well as this a sect of the Red Army were working with Wolff, to try and send a V-2 Rocket filled with Tabun to strike at London.

Russian soldiers will sometimes have battles with German soldiers, so it is a good idea to move past them while they fight or wait until on side losses and then defeat the other team


infantry are the most commonly seen, they have yellow clothing and wear ushankas some also wear green uniforms, they usually use weapons such as the Mosin Nagant or PPSh-41.


Elite soldiers appear during the last few levels, they wear baggy clothing and Ushankas and tend to us PPShs but will sometimes use mosin nagants


Russian officers use weapons such as PPSh sub machine guns or captured luger pistols and will lead troops into battle.


Snipers are some of the most dangerous soldiers as they use scoped Mosin nagants and will fire from high places when in close combat snipers use american M1911 handguns, some snipers may get close with unscoped mosin nagants and behave like regular soldiers.