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The recoilless German Panzerfaust ("Armor Fist") anti-tank launcher appears in Sniper Elite V2, Zombie-Army Trilogy, and Sniper Elite 4. Players cannot unlock it as a starting weapon, and it only appears in a few levels; for example, Panzerfauste spawn in ZAT's Village of the Dead, Cathedral of Resurrection, & Labyrinth of Death (in Episode 1), ZAT's City of Ashes (in Episode 3), & in Sniper Elite 4's Lorino Dockyard.


The Panzerfaust's projectile inflicts massive damage and splash damage (capable of easily destroying tanks & large groups of enemies), though the weapon suffers from a slow reload-speed. Also, ammo for the Panzerfaust proves rare. Like grenades, the Panzerfaust's projectile explodes in flight if shot, and shots can cause the Panzerfaust's explosive to detonate in the player's hands before it's fired.

The Panzerfaust is interesting because it was fired in an arc (like a mortar) rather than a flat plane (like the bazooka) because it was launched by a small propellant charge rather than a rocket motor.


Further Reading[]

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