800px-Panzerfaust helsinki

Panerfausts in an shipping crate

The Panzerfaust can be found by Karl in challenges. It launches rockets, which can kill infantry and vehicles. The Panzerfaust's crosshair is a simple cross with a small dot in the middle, which indicates where the missile will go. The drop in trajectory of the Panzerfaust's missile is quite large, which is due to the large size of the rocket. After the Panzerfaust is fired, a trail of smoke follows the missile. The Panzerfaust's loaded ammunition count is one, and the reserve is 1.

The Panzerfaust appears in the mission Karlshorst Command Post.


  • Like grenades, the Panzerfaust rocket can be destroyed if shot in flight and can be blown up if the actual rocket it shot while it is still being held.