Opernplatz map

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The Opernplatz is the fifth mission in Sniper Elite V2. It revolves around stopping the execution of your contact and rescue him.

Single Player Walkthrough Edit

Recommended Weapons:

  • M1D Garand/Mosin-Nagant
  • MP40 or Ppsh-41
  • Tokarev TT-33/Luger P08

First, take cover in a crouching position behind the old car and kill the three enemies north of your location with your sniper rifle. This is a sound disruption level, so use the artillery shells to cover your muzzle blast from the Germans. Then go down the alley by your right. This will lead to a checkpoint and an entrance to the main building.

Throw a rock against the wall to alert the first floor guard and do a stealth kill. Next, run up the stairs when an artillery blast goes off and wait for the second floor hallway guard to start walking. Then, when an artillery bomb goes off again, charge towards his back and stealth kill. You have reached the next checkpoint. Now, get some ammo from the two crates on the second and third floors. Then, choose a spot to snipe the Germans patrolling the plaza. Remember to wait for the artillery before firing. First, kill the guy atop the staircase to the west. Next, kill the two guys walking around the air raid bunker. Then, kill the sniper atop the northern building. You will probably end up alerting him and breaking your stealth, so just take him out as fast as possible and then kill the onslaught of enemies coming towards your building. If any get in, use your pistol or submachine gun to eliminate them. Once the plaza is clear, exit the eastern side of the building and hide behind the truck facing sideways towards the white staircase building. There should be a sniper up there and he won't see you. Kill him and then look to your right at the ruins of the library. Kill the sniper in there and then take cover behind the concrete wall. Peak out and carefully kill the last sniper hiding in the north building. Then run into the library.

Toss a grenade at the two Germans coming down the stairs. Otherwise, use your submachine gun. Then, set up traps in front of the entrance you came through. Next, run upstairs to your vantage point and there you must stop the execution of your informant. Kill the guy with the luger and quickly kill the two other guards before they kill your informant. Kill the Germans coming after him and protect him as he comes towards you. Once he arrives in the building, he'll tell you the Russians are coming and to prepare for a standoff.

Go to the next vantage point and wait for the first truck to come. Kill the driver and then be careful when killing the rest. You will start taking hits as soon as you come into their view, so be patient and take cover very frequently. If they start to come inside, don't worry because the traps you should have set up will take care of them. If they manage to get past the traps, take out your pistol and wait by the doorway for them. Pick them off one by one and then the mission is over.

Trivia Edit

  • A German soldiers helmet on a rifle can be found on in a building. When shot, it will show a bullet-cam and have blood come from it as if had hit a head.
  • This map is also used for the Challenge missions.