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The StG-44 is, according to most historians, the world's first modern assault rifle. Initially designed in 1943 by Nazi firearm manufacturers, its production was halted by Adolf Hitler, saying that the gun possessed a very short range compared with the standard german rifle, Kar98k , and all what troops needed were rifles and submachine guns, not a middle ground between them. He eventually changed his mind when he was given the chance to test fire the rifle, nick naming it "the storm rifle", model 44 (Sturmgewehr-44, StG-44).

In Sniper Elite V2Edit


The MP 44 is a usable sub machine gun in the DLC The Landwehr Canal Pack . It has the most effective range of any machine gun in Sniper Elite V2, and is coupled with a high rate of fire. The only drawback is a lack of actual damage to targets.


  • The MP44 name means Maschinenpistole 44 (Submachinegun 44), and was the first name adopted by the today know as StG-44. After Hitler ordered the interruption of the gun production, the manufacturer continued to produce it unbeknownst to the Führer and nicknamed it has a submachinegun to avoid calling his attention.