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The MP44 (Machinenpistole 44, "Submachinegun M1944") AKA StG44 (Sturmgewehr 44, "Assault Rifle M1944") is an Assault Rifle available in Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite III via DLC. It is also available in the Zombie Army Trilogy.


Sniper Elite V2[]

High rate of fire and further effective range makes the MP44 superior to the MP40. However, slightly less damage output should be a consideration.

Sniper Elite 4[]

Since this edition is a prequel that takes place in 1943, German troops are armed with the experimental Haenel MKb 42(H) (Maschinenkarabiner 42(Haenel), "Machine-carbine M1942(Haenel prototype)"). In Real Life it differed mainly from the MP44 in that it was striker-fired from a closed bolt.


Superior Accuracy and Range, decent rate of fire, and moderate damage. Ammo is scarce, and recoil can be uncontrollable.

Sniper Elite 4[]

The MKb 42(H) appears in use by German special units known as Jägers. The gun can also be used by the player once they reach a certain rank or by taking them from dead Jägers. It is also used by Valkyrie Jägers in the two dlc Deathstorm missions as their main primary weapons.


  • The MP44 Assault Rifle appears in most of the games. It's the only weapon that wasn’t used by the Wehrmacht forces because it’s very rare for them such as in Sniper Elite V2 that they only held MP40 Submachine Gun. Same for Sniper Elite III Afrika (although not historically correct). But it finally made an appearance in Sniper Elite: 4 as the MKB-42(H) which is the main predecessor for the Sturmgewehr family only being used by Jägers and Valkyrie Jägers.
  • The MP44 appeared in Sniper Elite V2 which is set in 1945 which is correct but wasn’t used by the Wehrmacht at that time due only a couple of thousands in numbers used. It appeared into Sniper Elite III Afrika with the camouflage although it wasn’t made in 1942 to the North Africa Campaign and wasn’t used by the Afrika Korps at that time. The MKB-42(H) which appeared in Sniper Elite 4 Italia which is set in 1943 when only elite units, the Jägers only can use them. For that reason, the production started in early 1943 after some tests were approved after the Eastern Front testing for the new Assault Rifle or the Machine Carbine, although there was no record that if it was used in Italy, nor the photos of the Heer carrying these new assault rifles which is likely replaced by the MP43, MP44, and later the STG-44.