A Thompson.

The M1 Thompson is a submachine gun that appears in the Sniper Elite series. The first model was developed in 1920s in response for a need of a compact weapon to use in close quarters. It is typically chambered in .45 ACP and is typically used by the American, Canadian, and British militaries. The maximum carrying capacity for ammunition for the M1 Thompson is 30 rounds in the magazine, and 60 in reserve. It has a low rate of fire, but high damage. Ammunition is quite scarce in the battlefield.

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

"This American made sub machine gun grants superior accuracy and damage, however ammunition is scarce and it suffers from a slower rate of fire."
— in-game description


  • It is the first submachine gun in Sniper Elite V2 to be available to players for use.
  • Despite what games say, this guns has a higher firing rate than the MP40, has a shorter range and it's fairly hard to control in full auto.