The M1 Garand

The M1 Garand (M1D Garand) .30 rifle was the standard issue rifle for the American Armed Forces during World War 2. It is available exclusively on the St. Pierre pack of Sniper Elite V2. As a semi-automatic, gas powered, rotating bolt rifle, the Garand has a nice rate of fire coupled with a decent scope. The muzzle velocity is not all that
M1D Garand

The M1D Garand

high, so compensation for wind and gravity should be considered. It is great for short range or medium range combat, particularly in survival mode challenges.


  • When reloading, the Garand makes a unique 'ding' sound that no other rifle in the game makes, as it does in real life, too.
  • The M1D Garand is actually what appears in Sniper Elite V2. This is a variant of the original Garand made especially for sniping.