The 1903 Springfield Rifle.

The M1903 Springfield is a rifle featured in the Sniper Elite series. It was first adopted by the US military before the First World War, and remained the American sniper's weapon of choice during the Second World War. The ammunition capacity for the M1903 Springfield is 5/100. It has low zoom level and rate of fire, but high bullet velocity.

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

"Standard issue American rifle. High muzzle velocity means less compensation is required for gravity and wind. However, the bolt action slows the firing rate and the scope offers only basic magnification."
— In-game description

This weapon is the first players receive in Sniper Elite: V2, and is the least useful of the three rifles in the game.  While it is true that the weapon has the most bullet velocity in-game, its poor zoom makes landing long-distance shots frustrating and ineffective.  This might have been mediated by a higher rate of fire, but a bolt-action system makes firing painfully slow.  The Springfield can be classified as "The Reconnaissance Weapon", as its high bullet velocity makes eliminating small groups of targets easy, but for large groups at long range, or even small groups at long range, this gun will most likely not satisfy shooters. One might think that higher bullet velocity and lower zoom would balance out, but sadly it does not.  While shooters will have to compensate for bullet drop and wind effects less, the target is nonetheless still very small in the crosshairs, making it difficult to land a shot at all.  In short, the only truely useful application of this rifle is medium range engagements with small groups of hostiles.  Any larger and the player will be overwhelmed by enemies when reloading.  Thankfully this weapon is replaced by the Mosin Nagant fairly quickly, and players need not suffer because of this weapon's inadequacies very long.