360065 lee enfield medium

Lee Enfield Mk. III.

The Lee Enfield Rifle (succeeding the Lee Metford) are a series of British designed rifles developed by the Royal Small Arms Factory using the action designed by James Paris Lee combined with the rifling designed at the Enfield factories. They were the standard issue rifle of the British Army during World War 1, being replaced by the No.4 Mk. I at the start of World War 2 and then No.4 Mk. II later in the war . It is available in the The Landwehr Canal Pack of Sniper Elite V2. The rifle is equipped with a German Reticle style scope. It has a medium firing rate, but is slowed down by the bolt action. It also requires adjustment for wind and gravity due to its lower muzzle velocity. The Enfield holds a maximum of 10 rounds at a time in a box magazine.


  • The Lee Enfield is the only weapon in the game to feature German Reticle sights.
  • This is the only British rifle in the game.

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