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Jägers are a new elite enemy type introduced in Sniper Elite 4 .


Jägers can be distinguished from Infantry by their heavier equipment loadouts, paratrooper helmets and camo pattern uniforms. They are far more aggressive in chasing down the player, often work in groups of 2-5 based on gameplay experience and they can take more damage during combat as well. Although not as talkative as normal Infantry, they have a raspier and deeper voice that can be used as a means of detection before seeing them.



Regular Jägers are similar to Infantry, except with improved behavior, accuracy, durability and will almost always be armed with the MKb-42(H). They will often choose to chase down the player rather than cower behind cover when they are under attack. Sometimes Jägers can be seen with scoped weapons such as Kar98s and G43s, when close they take out MKB-42s. They also equipped Walther P38s pistols and the Trench Guns shotguns. They do appear on foot, as well trucks and half-tracks.

Support Jäger[]

Support Jägers are always armed with FG 42s and behave differently from regular Jägers, staying behind their allies and laying down covering fire. The FG 42 they use seems to be for distance as when the player is close they will take out their Walther P38.

Note: The Support Jägers takes longer to reload their FG-42. Use it as your advantage and shoot them. Plus instead firing full auto, they be firing only in a slow single shot giving them for a better recoil control, but not aiming down the sights like the player does, instead firing from the hip.


Jägers are less of a priority target than other special enemies such as Radio Operators or Officers, but should be taken out before engaging infantry. They be dangerous and deadly towards the player.


  • Jäger is German for "Hunter" or "Rifleman". It is a term used for light infantry trained to operate in rough terrain and forest. Historical Jäger troops were marksmen equipped with large-bore rifled-muskets that could be used as snipers or skirmishing troops. They were the inspiration for the British Army's Rifle and Light Infantry regiments and the US Army's Ranger units.
  • The Jäger troops in game are Fallschirmjäger ("Airborne Hunters"), Luftwaffe light infantry trained as parachutists. After receiving heavy casualties during the parachute assault on Crete in the Aegean in 1941, Hitler forbade their deployment as paratroopers and had them used as conventional light infantry.
  • Support Jägers sound like normal infantry, unlike normal Jägers, who have deep voices.