220px-Walther G43 8 x 57 IS Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
The Gewehr 43 (Pronounced Ge-vair due to the W in German being pronounced as a V,) is a German sniper rifle.

This weapon is perhaps the most useful in the game, carrying the unofficial title of "The Hitman's weapon".  With a high rate of fire, the G43 is well-suited for street fighting when a higher up FFP (final firing position) is not available, or undesirable.  However, this is not to say that the gun cannot be used for long-range shots as well.  Although the gun's bullet velocity forces more compensation than the other two rifles available in the game, the large amount of zoom balances out the amount of bullet drop and wind effect by providing a closer view of the target.  This makes it easier to land killshots, specifically center mass holds.  Also, the high rate of fire allows the shooter to adjust for DOPE (data on previous engagement) and correct missed shots without allowing the target to move around and complicate the situation.  To be succinct, the Gewehr 43 is an incredibly versatile weapon, capable of taking on any situation the game has to offer.  The high rate of fire and large magazine size allow shooters to take on enemies in a Chuck Mawhinney CQB style, and the excellent zoom allows players to engage long range targets without compromising accuracy too much.  Since this is the last rifle the player receives in the campaign, it will only be useful for the late game during the first playthrough, but it is doubtless an excellent choice for revisiting missions to collect the gold bars and wine bottles hidden throughout the campaign.  

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

"This German rifle has the highest rate of fire available. Its semi-automatic action is complimented by having the highest zoom level, though a low muzzle velocity means wind and gravity effects are amplified."
— in-game description
It is the third sniper to be acquired by Karl Fairburne in Sniper Elite V2, in the level St. Olibartus Church. It has a ZF 4 telescopic scope attached to it, and the starting ammunition of it is 7/76, and the maximum capacity is 7/100. The Gewehr is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It has highest rate of fire of any sniper rifle in game. It also has a good zoom level, but low bullet velocity.