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Dr. Efram Schweiger was a German scientist during the Second World War. He was involved in a Nazi secret plan.

Sniper Elite V2[]

Schweiger unwillingly helped the Nazis develop V-2 rockets. He also attempted to defect to the United States, much to the surprise of Karl Fairburne, whose original orders were to assassinate him.

After Schweiger's plans to defect were discovered, a German captain planned to execute him at dawn in the Operlantz. Karl stopped the execution and provided overwatch while the doctor runned the gauntlet of German fire from a multi-story building all the way to Karl's firing position. They both took refuge in a building, where a critically wounded Efram urged Karl to quickly mount a defense against what would become waves of Soviet soldiers assaulting from the avenue. After the battle, a barely alive doctor gave Karl the final word "Tabun".

Zombie Army Trilogy[]

Schweiger appears as one of the four original characters in Zombie Army Trilogy, and the player can select him for any of Zombie Army Trilogy's chapters.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War[]

Schweiger makes a return in Zombie Army 4 now as a non-player character. He still continued to be an ally but eventually became an antagonist in the DLC map Deeper than Hell.

Schweiger contacts the new Survivor Brigade squad, Karl Fairburne and Bruno via radio communication telling them that the Hell storm that happened in Venice also occurred in other parts of Europe . After telling them that they need to know where they come from so that they will be destroyed his communication got cut off. Later while the squad were on their way to Sardinia to get to the second Hell storm after they destroyed the Hell tower in Venice, Schweiger and his team decided to head to the base there on the island which resulted in them being unreachable. After reaching and entering the base, most of Schweiger's men were killed by the zombies while he and some of his men survived. While he and his team were gathering information on the Hell storm, he made plans for the arcane bomb, that will be used as a weapon to countermeasure the storm and left the instructions for it's assembly to his assistant Karlos while he left the parts in the research lab. Soon after, another Hell Tower appeared and Schweiger was swallowed by the Hell storm, transporting him to Hell, causing Karlos to believe that he was destroyed. While in Hell, Schweiger discovered Thule, Hitler's realm, as well as his base, where Zombie tanks were being mass-produced.

Schweiger building the Rachegeist

Later, when the Survivor Brigade squad arrived in Hell, being sent there by Hitler himself, Schweiger guided them in destroying Hitler's factory to prevent more zombie war machines from being produced. After destroying the factory, Schweiger began preparing the portal to send the group back to Earth. However he revealed that only one has to stay behind to open the portal, thus, he sacrificed himself to allow them to enter the portal to defeat Hitler. Shortly after they have left, he came into contact with a mysterious voice, which it later revealed itself as Baron Umbra. He guided the scientist in the construction of multiple machines and contraptions using occult energy. Eventually, Schweiger was able to once again contact the survivor Brigade squad from Hitler's base through rifts. While he was being helped, he eventually turn on his allies, after receiving occult power, and lost his sanity. He began constructing the Rachegeist, in order to harness the power, eventually being corrupted. Ultimately, the Rachegeist was destroyed by the squad causing Schweiger to get continuously zapped by unstable occult energy while the group eventually left him behind while the Z5 computer core exploded.

Schweiger destroying Baron Umbra

He eventually learned of Baron Umbra's true nature and was trapped in Hell again by the baron, this time in a web of hopelessness. He was then found by the Survivor Brigade squad after they were also transported to Hell by Baron Umbra, going through a catharsis. After the squad freed him, Umbra took him and the group to the void, where he attempted to use Schweiger's body as a vessel to gain a physical form, but before he could complete the ritual, however he was stopped by Edie, after she figured out that the baron had no self-esteem, which proved to be the flaw in the ritual. After the Survivor brigade squad stopped the ritual, Schweiger used all his power to destroy Umbra for good and ending his threat.


Schweiger wears a dark grey suit (with a white shirt and black tie) and black dress shoes, as well as a pair of round glasses.

During the events of the Zombie Army Trilogy, he also dons a fedora, black scarf, several ammunition pouches, a dagger, and a pair of braces on his forearms. The Survivor Brigade's armband also appears on his left arm, and he wears riding boots instead of dress-shoes.


  • Schwaiger is the only character in Sniper Elite V2 that interacts with Karl.
  • He is most likely based on Wehrner Van Braun, a Nazi scientist who helped design the V2 Rocket and later worked for NASA.