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Dr. Efram Schweiger was a German scientist during the Second World War. He was involved in a Nazi secret plan.

Sniper Elite V2[]

Schweiger unwillingly helped the Nazis develop V-2 rockets. He also attempted to defect to the United States, much to the surprise of Karl Fairburne, whose original orders were to assassinate him.

After Schweiger's plans to defect were discovered, a German captain planned to execute him at dawn in the Operlantz. Karl stopped the execution and provided overwatch while the doctor runned the gauntlet of German fire from a multi-storey building all the way to Karl's firing position. They both took refuge in a building, where a critically wounded Efram urged Karl to quickly mount a defense against what would become waves of Soviet soldiers assaulting from the avenue. After the battle, a barely alive doctor gave Karl the final word "Tabun".

Zombie Army Trilogy[]

Schweiger appears as one of the four original characters in Zombie Army Trilogy, and the player can select him for any of Zombie Army Trilogy's chapters.


Schweiger wears a dark grey suit (with a white shirt and black tie) and black dress shoes, as well as a pair of round glasses.

During the events of the Zombie Army Trilogy, he also dons a fedora, black scarf, several ammunition pouches, a dagger, and a pair of braces on his forearms. The Survivor Brigade's armband also appears on his left arm, and he wears riding boots instead of dress-shoes.


  • Schwaiger is the only character in Sniper Elite V2 that interacts with Karl.
  • He is most likely based on Wehrner Van Braun, a Nazi scientist who helped design the V2 Rocket and later worked for NASA.