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Assasinate the Führer is a bonus mission only available through Pre-Order or as DLC. The mission is as the name suggests, Kill Adolf Hitler.


The player starts out at the train station and must get to the vantage point. When you start out kill the first soldier leaning against a lamppost silently.

Right after that, the player must kill all the remaining soldiers.

After all of the soldiers have been eliminated, slowly move onwards, try to stick to the train cars. At some point, a second train will arrive. Stand by the locomotive and use the deafening sound to get rid of the walking officer and the guard in the distance.

Jump down from the platform onto the rails when the sound begins. On the neighbouring platform you will spot three Germans, out of which only one is patrolling. quickly shoot him with a silenced pistol.After that kill the other two by shooting a grenade which can be seen on the left soldier.

After that Go across the platform. Once again equip the silenced pistol – after you get onto some small stairs, you should note a walking soldier (facing the other direction) and a second one standing by the guard booth. Get rid of both of them silently.

Move further along the path – in the distance you will note a patrol. One of the German soldiers has a grenade with him. If you shooting skills are high enough, you can try shooting the grenade, eliminating all four of them at the same time. If something goes wrong, you always have the safety of being rather far away from them, so you shouldn’t have problems with eliminating the enemies one after another.

Whatever tactic you use, the only one who will get „alarmed” is the sniper camping on the stone ledge behind the bushes. After getting rid of him, climb up the rocks to reach the vantage point. Right beside you will find an ammo crate. A cinematic will play.

The next objective is very easy – you need to stop the convoy, so that the Fuhrer cannot drive away and is forced to get out of the car. To do that, shoot the fuel tank of the first truck  or shoot the german beside Fuhrer's car.

The last objective of this mission will start – you need to kill the Fuhrer. Your enemy will keep moving from one cover to another. You on the other hand will be constantly attacked by waves of German soldiers – most of the times they will stand in the same places. You shouldn’t have any trouble with them. Just remember not to lean out too much, stay prone all the time and watch the Fuhrer move. When you shoot him the mission will be completed


  • Get to the Vantage Point.
  • Assasinate the Führer.


Sniper Elite V2 - Assassinate The Führer DLC - Walkthrough - Part 1 - STEALTH FAIL

Sniper Elite V2 - Assassinate The Führer DLC - Walkthrough - Part 1 - STEALTH FAIL


  • It is not possible to tag german soldiers with a binoculars in this mission.

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